Check out The Rock Doing Dumbbell Shrugs

Dwayne Johnson is clanging and banging (and cracking cheesy jokes) in the gym.

The Rock in the gym.

The Rock gave us a quick glimpse of him doing some dumbbell shrugs on Friday, and he decided to drop some typical Dwayne Johnson-like humor into his message to fans on Instagram, saying:

"C'mon down to the #IronParadise where the hard work is relentless, heavy and dirty. And the jokes are always sweaty and cheesy... #ComeAndGetTrapped#ButLikeJazzMusic #JustGottaGoWithIt#BoneThugsAndIron Y'all keep grindin'.."

Check out the big man in action:

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He also broke some news about the incredible box office run of Furious 7:

We just had to feature this post about Central Intelligence, his upcoming project with Kevin Hart. Check out the leg definition below:

2 weeks away from shooting CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE - big action comedy with Kevin Hart and director Rawson Thurber (We Are The Millers). My character was relentlessly bullied in high school just because he was "different" than the rest of the students and never ran with the "cool crowd". He was chubby, eccentric and enjoyed singing chick songs. He quit high school, changed his name and years later became the CIA's most dangerous contract killer... and also the weirdest. I'm pushing all chips in - 100% committed to this character & story to bring y'all something good. He's dangerous, loyal, lovable, kinda f*cked up in the head and wears a beautiful fanny pack. #HelloMyNameIsBob #AndNoOneBulliesMeAnymore #CentralIntelligence #Boston

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