We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger as a world-class bodybuilder, movie star, politician, and Planet Hollywood investor, but “game show contestant” is probably one resume-builder you weren’t aware of.

In 1973, Arnold—then reigning as Mr. Olympia—appeared on The Dating Game, sporting a pair of mountainous shoulders that could barely fit in the frame. Remember, Arnold was still relatively new to the United States at the time—only having been in the country for a few years—and was mostly unknown to the mainstream audience (unless any of them actually saw Hercules in New York, of course). His accent was as thick as his biceps and his hair was styled in a perfectly ‘70s coiffure, but he still oozed charisma.

Check out Arnold as a swinging ‘70s bachelor in the video below (which also includes random footage from the night Schwarzenegger was voted Governor of California, just in case you wanted an extra dose of the surreal):