Chris Hemsworth doesn’t take kindly to being left out in the cold.

In a video recently posted on his Instagram account, the Thor star didn’t pull any punches when he came upon some Avengers: Infinity War action figures that failed to include his Norse God character. 

“Oh, this is cute. What are you guys doing, just playing with your dolls here?” he asks Infinity War directors, Joe and Anthony Russo. “Interesting there’s no Thor toy in here. Is that on purpose?”

Clearly, the jacked action star was one pissed Aussie, who not only took out his wrath on the film’s directors, but also nearly all the pint-sized superheroes introduced in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Sadly, none of them stood a chance against the embattled Hemsworth. 

This is what happens when you exclude the mighty Thor from your superhero lineup. 

WARNING: Video contains graphic violence on helpless individuals. 

You can’t blame Hemsworth for bringing the hammer down and demonstrating how he’d easily knock off each of the characters, one at a time. The Hulk, however, did get a pass, since he’ll be appearing alongside the actor in Thor: Ragnarok set for release on November 3. 

“You can come with me because we’re now mates,” says Hemsworth after making quick work of all the other action figures. 

This isn’t the first Marvel-themed spoof in which Hemsworth has appeared. Earlier this year, the shredded Aussie starred in a couple of hilarious clips to promote Thor: Ragnarok