Chris Bumstead isn’t just one of the most popular athletes in the IFBB Pro League Classic Physique division. The 24-year-old powerhouse has amassed more than 835,000 Instagram followers and become a fan favorite in the league as a whole since going pro in 2016. He’s twice finished as the runner-up to reigning Olympia champion Breon Ansley, but his fast rise to super-stardom is second to none.

Even though he dealt with medical issues earlier in the year, he’s back in the gym now and planning on claiming the title’s that eluded him twice. By the looks of what he’s shared on Instagram, he’s bigger and stronger than he’s ever been. Check out the posts that he’s shared with his over 830,000 followers and see what the hype is all about. 

How Chris Bumstead Could Become the First Classic Physique Superstar

How Chris Bumstead Could Become the First Classic ...

Is he destined to be the first classic physique superstar?

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