UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor received an unusual message of support from Irish fan Willie O’Toole. The 64-year-old, yes, 64-year-old, wished his compatriot the best of luck in his title fight against champion Jose Aldo on July 11, and said he hopes the MMA star will crank out muscle-ups as well as he can when he reaches that age. McGregor saw the message of support, thanked O’Toole, and tried a few muscle-ups of his own. He even admitted that his form is nothing compared to that of his fan.

Here’s the mash-up of the two in action courtesy of MMAdigest.


McGregor is a brash trash-talking guy who has gotten under the champion’s skin. Along the way he has generated huge hype for the UFC 189 card, with even Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming a fan. Another superstar who is looking forward to the fight is The Rock, who gave his own breakdown of the fight on a recent press junket to promote San Andreas, which opens Friday.