Conor McGregor Supports Ronda Rousey’s Jump to the WWE: 'I'm Delighted for Her'

The normally brash UFC lightweight champ had a few kind things to say about the former women's bantamweight champ.

Conor McGregor Supports Ronda’s Rousey’s Jump to the WWE
(L) Jeff Spicer/BFC (R) Bryan Steffy / Getty

UFC trailblazer Ronda Rousey made her debut as a WWE superstar at the Royal Rumble, and, naturally, the sporting world has various opinions on her decision. UFC champ Conor McGregor recently added his two cents on the topic in the video below, and is very supportive of her jump to the WWE. 

“She looked like she really enjoyed herself at the event, and I was very, very happy to see her,” McGregor said in the video. He also paid her a huge compliment and said, “She’s a pioneer for the game, and she came through it all. She faced big wins and big losses, she came through it, and it was great to see her represent herself and mixed martial arts and have fun in the WWE.”

“It’s great to see her represent herself and mixed martial arts.”

In the clip, he also mentioned that he’s currently in contract negotiations for his next fight. Although he didn’t give specifics, he laid out his potential opponents—including Nate Diaz, whomever wins the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson fight, and, of course, Floyd Mayweather Jr. if he should decide to go a few rounds in the Octagon. 

He mentioned that he's been watching Mayweather’s latest social posts—which include the retired boxer pacing around in an MMA cage—and said that he would have a new respect for Mayweather should he decide to commit to fighting in the Octagon. To be fair, McGregor kept his word and took on a boxing fight, as he said in the video.

And if Mayweather doesn't hit the Octagon after fueling the fire with his media presence? "It'll stay with him for the rest of his life," McGregor said.

Although the impromptu interview had some really solid quotes as far as MMA goes, "The Notorious" was actually in New York to be honored at New York’s Children Medical Research Foundation 7th Annual Best of Ireland Gala dinner. He was being honored for “his substantial donations to the Our Ladies Children’s Hospital of Crumlin, in his native Dublin, Ireland,” according to reports

The UFC champ allegedly made a $200K donation.

McGregor has been surrounded by a bit of negativity lately, but it seems like he’s been getting on the right path—and hopefully we'll see him back in the Octagon again soon. 

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