Seasoned athletes know success is earned through hard work, passion, and a lifestyle of commitment. Desiring to up your game or beat your personal best can be the first step to making lasting change—but true transformation is a journey. With the buzz of 2016 resolutions in the air, Creed’s lead singer Scott Stapp can help “take you higher” as you endeavor to tackle all your fitness and health goals this year.

“I want to be the fittest, strongest, and leanest I can be.” Stapp is taking back his life with the clarity of a new diagnosis. He had been unknowingly battling bipolar disorder for years, unable to direct his focus or his mental and physical health. “Getting this diagnosis was a huge turning point for me,” the singer says. Stapp isn’t letting anything stand in the way of his goals, and with the dawn of his new life came the resolve to make eating right and exercising daily a permanent routine.

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“Before this transformation, I was really inconsistent with my diet and exercise,” he says, and for Stapp, touring with his band didn’t lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. ”I wasn’t paying attention to the fuel I was putting in my body and how it was impacting me physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally,” he says. Luckily, he’s taken the unique opportunity to turn things around and he’s seeing results he wants. “Now that I have an all-encompassing program from nutrition to training, I’ve had a tremendous boost in my energy, strength, coordination, explosiveness, as well as in my thinking,” Stapp says. “I’m not as fatigued as before and my moods have stabilized. I find that I’m more productive I get more done in less periods of time. I’m more focused.”

It’s the sum of conscious health and fitness choices that have led rock star Scott Stapp to take back his life. His rigorous 7-day a week workout schedule includes high intensity interval training, strength and core conditioning, weight lifting, and yoga. He’s also found group fitness classes to be especially inspiring, feeding his competitive edge. “I want to see results in my body. I still have a long way to go but there’s a sense of gratification and accomplishment when you reach those goals,” he says and he’s not letting up until he’s there. 

Be sure to catch Scott on his upcoming U.S. solo tour called proof of life. Click here for dates.