Deathstroke Revealed for 'Batman' Sequel

Joe Manganiello lands badass super villain role.

It’s official, Joe Manganiello has been casted as Deathstroke for the next Batman.

Manganiello will be filling the role of Batman’s nemesis in the next Batman solo film. He announced the news over Twitter simply saying “It’s On.” Manganiello has built himself quite an acting catalog over the years including Magic Mike, True Blood, and several other appearances on an abundance of tv shows. 

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For those who aren’t extremely versed in super hero movies, the fan base is extremely passionate and vocal about what they want and how they feel about their movies. Manganiello has avoided the sword of social media and has been welcomed into the DC family by several supporters. 

There is no exact word on the release date or the specific title of the film, but until this movie hits the big screen, fans can occupy themselves with the upcoming Justice League movie set to release in 2017.  

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