Riley Neyland, a high school sophomore from Louisiana has developed a love for Powerlifting and the sport has been a life-changer ever since. Riley used to weigh 220 pounds, but after five months of training through a program founded by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and CHRISTUS Health, he’s slimmed down to 179. The CHRISTUS strength program is a powerlifting class that teaches kids how to lift with proper form and technique. “When I first signed up for the class, I could barely squat 135,” said Riley. “So I’ve improved my weight a lot.” In the video you can see the determined high schooler squatting 225 and pulling 315.  

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Riley’s form could use some improvement—in the video you can see him pulling 315 with a very rounded back. Take care of your spine Riley! We want you to stay healthy and enjoy the sport for a long time. But hey, we all start somewhere and our weaknesses can always be fixed.  

Riley signed up partly out of admiration for his father William Neyland, who was also a bodybuilder for eight years before being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy that has left him in a wheelchair ever since. But the CHRISTUS Strength Program has been a bonding experience for the father and son. Riley will be competing on Jan.16th, and his father plans to be with him every step of the way.   

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