Golfer Rockets Ball at Innocent Bystander

See what happens when golfer's 145 mph tee shot goes horribly wrong.

Golfer Rockets Ball at Innocent Bystander

Who said golf wasn't a contact sport? Certainly not golf photographer, Cy Cyr, who's admitted to having a few close calls on the greens from wayward golf balls over the years. This recent pelting from a man known as Angelo "The Assassin" is a bitter reminder than no one is safe when amateurs are teeing off. 

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The setting was the Graeme McDowell Fantasy Golf Camp at the Ritz Carlton Golf Course in Orlando, Florida. And while the experience may have been a fantasy for those avid amateurs hitting the greens, it was anything but for Cy Cyr who found himself in the direct path of a 145mph tee shot from the very first hole of the inaugural fantasy golf weekend. 

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Fortunately for Cyr the ball slammed into a part of his body with a bit more padding than other parts...his belly, so the damage was minimal. A few inches higher or lower and it could have been a much different story. "I've been a golf photographer for 20 years, had a few close calls, but never seriously hit...until The Assassin came to town, said the good-natured Cyr.

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking they're ever safe from harm on the course. Keep your eye on the ball and be prepared to get the hell out of the way, fast!