Known for creating some of the most inspiring promotional videos of boxing’s most anticipated matchups, Gorilla Productions just unveiled its latest gem for the upcoming Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. In the just-over-2-minute clip, fans are treated to a montage of profanity-laced trash talking from both fighters along with some outstanding training and fight footage.

Need just a little more motivation to shell out those extra bucks for PPV? This compelling clip should do the trick. 

With all of the pieces now in place for the August 26 showdown at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the only thing left to do is pontificate about the eventual outcome. Of course there’s no shortage of opinions when it comes to this particular clash of fighting champions. 

One person who’s not shy about making predictions is Floyd Mayweather Sr. During a recent interview with Helen Yee of NBC Sports Radio, the senior Mayweather made it clear that his son would have no problem defeating the MMA champion McGregor. 

“If Floyd stops him or not—it doesn’t make a difference for me,” he said. “As long as Floyd beats the hell out of him. And that’s what I believe is gonna happen.” The undefeated boxing champ’s pop went on to say, “even if Conor goes the distance, Floyd’s gonna whoop his ass!”

It’s not the first time the senior Mayweather threw shade on the MMA champ. Just two months ago, Floyd Sr. told that even he could beat McGregor in a boxing match: “He ain’t nothing but talk! I told them people on the TV already, forget about Floyd. Let’s throw Floyd to the side. Here I am, I’m a 64-year-old man and I’ll beat your ass. I’ll beat the s**t out of McGregor! Anytime he wants it, let’s go.”

After actually making the August 26 fight a reality, who can say for sure that McGregor vs. Mayweather Sr. is a pipe dream? In this crazy world of professional fighting, we’ve learned to never say never.