Hafþór Björnsson aka The Mountain dominated his competition at the Arnold Pro Strongman event in Warwick, Quebec, Canada, this past weekend, where he took home the first-place prize. 

On day one of the event, Björnsson placed first in the Atlas stone competition, which was the fifth event of the day. He ultimately finished in first place on day one, tying with Vytautas Lalas of Lithuania. 

In the final event of the second day, Björnsson came in leading by seven points but still pushed himself to finish in a timely manner. He noted, “This was the last event of the day and I came into it with a seven-point lead, so I didn’t really even need to finish this as quickly as I did. But it was such a great weekend, and with such great support from the crowd I wanted to finish the competition with a great performance.”

By winning this competition, The Mountain is now a qualifier for the 2018 Arnold Pro Strongman World Championships.