German online fitness coach and social media influencer, Katja Believe has amassed more than 850,000 TikTok followers thanks to her handy tips and advice for getting in shape. Of course, gym life isn’t related to exercise alone. Any fitness space is a community where couples often meet and come together, but how do we know who’s single and available at first glance? This beauty had a fun but flawed answer.

Girls in a relationship training legs vs. single girls training legs

According to Believe’s jokey TikTok post, there is one huge giveaway when searching for singles. The answer: Check out the girls’ clothing. More accurately, it’s all about how a girls’ gym gear is worn while getting down with a barbell.


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As the influencer’s video demonstration explains, girls who are in a relationship will likely be more conservative and wear a loose-fitting T-shirt, whereas ladies who are open to a bit of romance are more likely to show what they’ve got and reveal some flesh. Of course, it would be a fool proof plan, if it wasn’t so obviously flawed as a method for finding a suitable date.

“Please take it with humor,” says Believe, seemingly bracing herself for the inevitable backlash will ensue from daring to crack a joke on social media. Us gymgoers know that working hard for a super-fit body comes with the undeniable right to show our body of progress, and that goes for singles, couples, thrupples, or whatever your relationship status might be. We laughed at the post, but when it comes to Katja Believe, we suggest that you should probably take her fitness tips more seriously than her relationship coaching!

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