"Infected Gear" Gave This Bodybuilder Necrosis, and He Nearly Lost His Leg

It may not be a classic side effect of steroids, but it's a scary one.

Warning: There are some graphic photos in this post. 

It’s no secret that some bodybuilders opt to use them, but we don’t have to tell you that steroids aren’t the safest way to gain muscle. Using any unprescribed drug is generally not a good idea, and one bodybuilder learned the hard way that there can be serious health repercussions.

Daniel Marquis, a California-born bodybuilder who lives in Thailand, shared a terrifying story on his Instagram page detailing life-threatening necrosis that he contracted in his leg from a “shot of infected gear.” Gear is a slang term for steroids, syringes, or any other steroid-related equipment. 



Hi everyone. This is Dan the bodybuilder in Thailand from YouTube. I'm in the hospital with an emergency situation with my leg. I have developed a life threatening necrosis in my leg from a shot of infected gear. I am currently in the hospital alone in Colombia. I don't have health insurance and 3 days ago I had surgery to remove the necrotic flesh that is spreading inside of my leg. The surgery was a failure and also simultaneously bankrupted me. The incision in my leg has burst open and There is now new necrotic dying flesh growing in my leg. In this time of incredible physical and emotional suffering any donation no matter how small to help me to afford my upcoming surgeries to save my leg is something I will be eternally grateful for. The first surgery was paid out of pocket and was in the area of 10 thousand dollars. I have at least 2 more surgeries I need but do not have financial means to pay for them. These surgeries will also be more costly than the first. please share this on every social media you have. I have no where to turn Here is a link to my gofundme. The title is "Dan needs help to save his leg" in the category of medical and healing Go fund me link is clickable in my bio - #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #fit #mostmuscular #bodybuilder #fitnessmotivation #gym #workout #strongwomen #gymmotivation #muscle #sixpack #abs #shredded #fitness #enhancedathlete #Thailand #fitness #travel #motivation #bigarms #food #goldsgym #testosterone #sunsoutgunsout #biceps #colombia #medellin #medical #emergency #medicalemergency

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From a hospital bed in Colombia, Marquis explained that he was bankrupted by an unsuccessful first surgery and had set up a GoFundMe to raise money for his next round of operations to save his leg. More than 700 people donated, raising over $18,000 of his $30,000 goal. On Thursday night, he suspended further donations following a successful surgery and a positive prognosis. 



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All we have is Marquis's account to go by, but it's a scary situation to imagine, especially while traveling. And while it's easy to see things like aggression or negative sexual side effects as the biggest issues with steroids, it's important to remember that any drug you're injecting carries a whole host of risks from that aspect alone. 

We wish Marquis a speedy recovery and safe travels, but remember his story if you ever consider injecting anabolic steroids to boost your gains. You can follow Marquis's journey on Instagram at @bodybuilderinthailand.