We all know that Instagram isn’t real life, and that measures like strategic posing photo editing, and even plastic surgery have become fairly common ways for social media influencers to maintain a certain aesthetic. But at least one Insta-famous model, who’s been accused of enhancing her assets, has shown doubters that her butt is, in fact, natural.

The 19-year-old Daisy Keech mentioned that some of her followers doubted the authenticity of her shapely glutes during a consultation with Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Ghavami, whose specializations include breast augmentations and Brazilian butt lifts, suggested that he certify her butt as real to prove these people wrong.

“Why not? I’m an expert,” Ghavami said in a video on his page. “Who else better to certify that your butt’s real?“

Keech, who later revealed that she was visiting Ghavami’s office for a consultation about a breast augmentation, posted the resulting video on her own Instagram, which has 958,000 followers. Check out the second slide of the post below to watch it. (Warning: The video shows Keech’s thong-clad butt.)

“I know it’s real for multiple reasons—first of all, her age” Ghavami said in the video. “She’s never had kids, and if you look right here, her buttock has a lot of firmness to it. It has good volume, and I don’t see any skin changes that mean she’s had anything artificial injected. I don’t see any little incisions that point to fat transfer. “

He also pointed out that Keech’s lifestyle, not plastic surgery, is probably the reason that her rear end is so shapely.

“She has 19-year-old, tight skin. She does hip thrusts, she eats meat and eats a really well-balanced diet, and she does mostly bulk muscle training,” Ghavami said. His conclusion? Her booty is “certified Ghavami real.”

Keech promptly changed her Instagram bio to reflect her new certification. We guess her followers will have to find something else to accuse the young social media star of faking.