It's Leg Day in the Gym for Hugh Jackman

Don’t say Hugh doesn’t work the pins. Here he is pushing some serious iron.

Hugh Jackman Leg Day

Once again we find our good friend Hugh Jackman moving a massive amount of weight at the gym. In today's Instagram post, the Wolverine showcases some super-human lower-body strength by leg pressing what looks to be well over 700 pounds. Whether it’s jaw-dropping leg work or badass deadlifts, the leading man continues to impress with his strength and power displays.

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Speaking of strength and power, check him out in action below performing the sled push last week. Anyone whose ever hit the prowler or any type of sled knows how grueling the move can be. But the payoff is huge for developing stronger legs and more explosive performance. Just ask Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

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