It was just last week when John Cena was getting down and dirty in the trailer for the movie The Wall, and now he’s impersonating NFL player Rob Gronkowski on a SNL skit. He does a great job at bringing Gronkowski’s uncontainable charisma in an extremely funny and over exaggerated way. I didn’t count but he might have said “bro” about 50 times in this six-minute segment. He also managed to answer every question incorrectly with a smile on his face.  

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In the game show, Cena was going up against someone impersonating Connor McGregor. The impersonator gave McGregor a terrible Irish accent and quotes like “Why should I invest in some silly bank for years when I can go to Vegas and double my money in an hour,” and “…I’m not going broke so you can take your patronizing tone and shove it up your arse.” 

Overall, Cena did a great job hosting Saturday Night Live and with every solid acting job is earning notches on his belt when it comes to his acting career.

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