Kai Greene has made it an annual habit to tease his return to the Mr. Olympia stage, and he’s already getting a head start for the 2020 show. He seems to have one target in mind—no, not the Sandow, but his old rival, Phil Heath.

While filming scenes for the upcoming Indian action flick Pogaru, in which he’ll appear as the villain, Greene uploaded a 90-second video of him and Heath competing against each other, interspersed with interview clips from the bodybuilders. The caption, in classic Greene form, was mysterious and vague: “THE GREATEST LOVE STORY” #2020 … TO BE CONTINUED ….. @philheath.”

Check out the video package here:

The two have quite the history, with Greene placing second behind “The Gift” at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. O shows. Their rivalry is considered one of the best in bodybuilding, and in prior years helped create a lot of buzz for the sport.

It also helped the two become better athletes, a fact both admit in interviews featured in the Instagram clip.

So what did Heath think of the clip? He simply commented with a row of fire emojis. Not quite sure what that means, but the two seem to be on better terms then they have in prior years.  

Greene hasn’t been seen at the Mr. O since 2014, and after being dethroned last year Heath sat last weekend out.

Greene isn’t the only one calling for Heath’s return. Basketball legend and frequent Mr. O guest Shaquille O’Neal uploaded a video while in Vegas where he asks the question, “Phil Heath, where are you?”

Check out the entertaining clip here:

Heath responded by reposting the video and saying, “Challenge accepted.”

We may have just crowned the 15th-ever Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry, but we’re already eager to see what happens next year.