There’s basically one rule in WWE: Don’t disrespect Vince McMahon.

And this week on Smackdown, Kevin Owens broke it.

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Previously, McMahon’s son Shane attacked Owens after countless insults, leading to Owens threatening to sue the WWE and Shane’s suspension. Owens, feeling he’d gained the upper hand, was ready to rename Smackdown as The Kevin Owens Show.

However, the elder McMahon made a rare appearance in the ring to set the record straight—he only suspended Shane because he didn’t go far enough in attacking Owens, and if Owens filed the lawsuit he would immediately be fired. Instead, McMahon offered to have Shane settle the score with Owens at Hell in a Cell next month, to which Owens accepted, under the condition that he could “beat a McMahon senseless”.

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Turns out Owens wasn’t talking about Shane. He was talking about Vince.

Owens struck McMahon with a savage headbutt that caused bleeding from McMahon’s face, followed by a face kick and an attack from the top rope. McMahon’s daughter Stephanie eventually ran in to assist her father.

According to, McMahon will not comment on the assault and refused medical assistance.