Kimbo Slice Nearly Exposes Himself During Bellator Presser

The MMA fighter questioned Dada 5000’s testicle size, then he offered to compare.

Win, lose, or draw, it takes a lot of confidence to step into a mixed martial arts cage. Some might say it takes a lot of balls. Kimbo Slice took that last bit to heart. Bellator 149 takes place this Friday and the famed street fighter will square off against Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000. As pre-fight press conferences go, their exchange got a bit heated and Kimbo took a shot below the belt.

Pull your pants down, let me see the size of your nuts," Kimbo said. "I'll show my nuts right now. You got baby nuts Dada!" Kimbo then proceeded to reach for his belt -- much to Royce Gracie's horror. "I hear you...You do what you [need] to do!" Harris says before the moderator thankfully calls a stop to the exchange.

Excited for the fight yet? If not there are some other reasons to tune in. MMA legends Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie are headlining the event and sparks are sure to fly. Hopefully, no one will take any low blows.

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