Larry Wheels was built for the 2018 fitness scene. His incredible strength combined with his social media acumen is the perfect marriage to show off his viral feats of absurdity on a nearly daily basis. It’s amassed him a following of over 460K on Instagram and over 150K on YouTube, and each video seems to set a new bar for what this guy is capable of (and he hasn’t even hit his peak yet).

We showed you earlier this week how he easily handled 225 pounds on the bench press WITH ONE ARM! Now he’s back to the same weight, though he’s using the far more traditional two-armed method of bench pressing. But Wheels and convention don’t necessarily mix, so of course this 23-year-old phenom rockets the weight off for a set of 70.

OK, time for perspective. At this year’s NFL combine, the most reps anyone hit on the 225 bench was 42, courtesy of Harrison Philips from Stanford, who was later drafted as a DT to the Buffalo Bills.

According to, the most reps ever at the combine was in 1999 when Justin Ernest of Eastern Kentucky hit 51. Here’s the thing: getting 51—or even 42—reps is incredible. What Wheels did, though? That’s just otherworldly.