Powerlifting and strongman phenom Larry “Wheels” Williams revealed over the weekend that he tore his bicep while lifting Atlas stones. It’s unclear how long he’ll be on the sidelines for, but the injury will definitely cause him to miss Giants Live, a World’s Strongest Man 2020 qualifier, in London on July 6.

“Been years since I have gotten hurt bout time it happened,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Wish me well fellas!”

You can see him suffer the injury in the video below. As he starts to pick up the last stone in the medley, you can see and hear Williams react to the injury.

Wheels said the tendon still seems to be attached, which means surgery may not be necessary. He saw a doctor in England over the weekend, but has not yet updated his fans on the extent of his injury.

In a YouTube video, he urged others who may have suffered an injury to seek immediate medical attention. “No matter how small or trivial you think it is,” he said, “it can always be much worse than what you think it is.”

Wheels took up strongman training earlier this year, and, like everything he takes on, was dominating at it. He even posted an hour-long video of him training with 2017 WSM Eddie Hall back in March.

While Wheels is freakishly strong, we’re not too surprised that he got injured. After all, this is the same guy who tried to deadlift so much weight he got thrown over the bar.