Long Quingquan came up with a huge performance in Rio to win gold in the 56 kg class. The 2008 gold medalist set a new WR total record with 307kg (676.8 lbs), which included the incredible 170 kg (374.7 pounds) clean and jerk (check out the lift above) and a 130 kg (302.03 pounds) snatch. To put the clean and jerk in perspective, Long lifted over three times his body weight! Check out what setting the new WR meant to the athlete and his team:

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Prior to Long grabbing the gold medal the competition was extremely stiff with the lead changing hands several times along the way. Leading up to the event North Korea’s Om Yun-Col was the favorite and looked deserving of it as he set his own Olympic record of 169kg (372 pounds) before it was smashed shortly after by Long. Om Yun-Col would end up taking the silver and Sinphet Kruaithong from Thailand took the bronze

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