Just in time for Father’s Day—Paramount Pictures releases its first trailer for Daddy’s Home 2. And like the original Daddy from 2015, this quirky family comedy brings back the comedic pairing of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell as two polar opposite dads butting heads while trying to raise their kids.

As if things weren’t contentious enough, the two dads must now bring their own fathers into the fray when the extended families get together for the Christmas holiday. As you might expect, each granddad comes with his own unique child-rearing approach that couldn’t be more different from the other.  

Mel Gibson plays Dusty’s [Wahlberg] gruff pop, while John Lithgow portrays the much more affectionate dad of Ferrell’s character, Brad. It’s a blending of personalities and styles that clearly don’t gel, but one that makes for a hilarious look at bonding between father and son.

The new trailer gives us a taste of the tension that comes with the arrival of the diametrically opposed grandfathers, including Ferrell and Lithgow’s overly affectionate kiss on the lips, and Gibson’s attempt to share a dead hooker joke with the children. Throw in an appearance by WWE superstar John Cena and you’ve got the ultimate father-themed flick, loaded with just the right amount of testosterone. 

Check out the hilarious clip for Daddy’s Home 2, slated to hit theaters Nov. 10, 2017.