Mark Wahlberg is about to start filming Six Billion Dollar Man, and he definitely looks the part. At 46, the veteran actor has dedicated himself to pumping iron, and he’s got the physique to prove it. And thanks to the shirtless videos he’s constantly sharing on Instagram, it’s undeniable that he’s put in some serious work at the gym.

He’s also gotten involved in the business of fitness, and co-owns Performance Inspired, a line of all-natural supplements designed to boost training without the synthetic ingredients prevalent in many supps on the market.

In a recent Instagram video, Wahlberg took a quick break from a gym session to share the specs on Performance Inspired’s new Ready 2GO Protein Water—sans shirt, as he often is—when his wife and daughter chimed in to ask that he consider taking it easy on the shirtless video posts.

Mark Wahlberg

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“Babe, stop doing videos with your shirt off,” his wife, Rhea, said toward the end of the video.

“Yeah, dad!” his eight-year-old daughter, Ella, agreed.

And to be fair: While Wahlberg has played plenty of jacked guys over his 30-plus-year acting career, he seems to be in better shape than ever. And anyone would agree that he’s not sporting a typical dad bod.

Yet “the peanut gallery,” as he calls his wife and daughter in the post, seems to find his shirtless antics more amusing than impressive. It just goes to show that no matter how ripped you are, your family will always find a way to make fun of you for it.

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