Never one to shy away from self-aggrandizing rhetoric, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. was surprisingly gracious when recently asked about UFC champ Ronda Rousey getting the ESPY for best fighter of the year.

“A while back I never knew who Ronda Rousey was, so I’m pretty sure she got upset. I want to say congratulations to Ronda Rousey and the UFC. You guys have done a tremendous job. And I’ve won probably six or seven ESPYs for Fight Of The Year, and she deserves it. Congratulations to Ronda Rousey,” said Mayweather.

However, when pressed about Rousey’s comments on his past legal issues relating to domestic violence, Mayweather took a slightly different tone, and tried to pivot the conversation to an area near and dear to his heart – money.

“I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter or other boxer make over $300 million in 36 minutes. You know when she can do that then, call me.”

Here’s how the ESPN interview played out:

In addition to his comments about Rousey, Mayweather also addressed his upcoming fight with Andre Berto on September 12 in Las Vegas. While many see this as a cakewalk to his 49th win, Mayweather does his best to sell Berto as a legitimate contender, even if he went off at -4000 when the fight was first announced. And while few boxing fans will take this fight seriously, it’s still expected that many “Money” fans will begrudgingly shell out the 75 bucks to see this trainwreck in the ring.

Check out last night’s underwhelming press conference for the fight.