“You can’t do a million things at once,” is what Conor McGregor had to stay when addressing the rumors linking him to several other projects outside of the UFC. This was one of the many topics he covered at the live PPV in Manchester England last week. 

Although it was reported from several sources that he was going to be part of the HBO series Game of Thrones, he said the only time he personally heard about a potential role was directly after his second fight with Nate Diaz. Dana White approached him about the potential role and McGregor responded with, “Listen come at me with the sh*t I want to hear. Come at me with a real number to fight again.” 

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McGregor was also pitched an enticing offer to appear in the movie Predator. in that film, he would have had the opportunity for what could have been one of the most epic fight scenes ever between him and a Predator, according to McGregor. He thought that situation had great potential but, “If I was to do it, it would mean eight weeks in Toronto, it’s too long a time.”

If you’re thinking then why did he spend his time doing The Thirteenth Jockey Series, it’s because the shoot was three days, and they offered him an amount he couldn’t refuse. 

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Outside of all of his options in show business he still has to figure out who he will be fighting next. It seems like everyone has thrown their hat in the ring, from boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to UFC fighters Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre. Not to mention, he also plans on having a tiebreaker fight with Nate Diaz. 

No matter what the Notorious decides to do in both fighting and film, we all know our eyes will be plastered to the screen next time he is on it.