If you haven’t read about this man already, then you are in for a treat. Meet Ray Moon, 83, who is reportedly the world’s oldest competitive bodybuilder. Moon was recently in action at the NABBA International Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

Not only is Moon strutting his stuff in competition, but he is also doing so two years removed from a battle with bladder cancer, according to the Herald Sun.

By the way, Moon was competing in the over-35 class. While he did not place in the competition, the man beat cancer, started from scratch at the gym once he was feeling better enough to lift again, and got back into pretty amazing shape for an octogenarian, so we’ll call him a winner.

How can one quantify success in terms of a person’s fighting spirit? This man did not let cancer or age stop him from getting into the game. Ray Moon, we say good on you. Your fighting spirit is a true example to all of us. Now, what is your excuse?