This summer some of the biggest names in the bodybuilding, fitness and strongman world will be appearing at the Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo to put their talents and physiques on display. The 3 main sporting events taking place include Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bikini, and Men’s Physique. There will also be an incredible strength exhibition guaranteed to please those who love the big lifts!

Two, must-see competitors making a presence this year are strongman, Brian Shaw, and IFBB Pro, Victor ‘The Dominican Dominator’ Martinez. Each man has consistently delivered impressive results and remained at the top of their chosen sport.

Martinez is a top ranked IFBB Pro and one of the most popular bodybuilder’s over the last decade. His flawless physique scores big points with both fans and judges. Look for Martinez to do some serious damage to the competition at this year’s Men’s Bodybuilding event.

MHP Athletes Look to Shine at Baltimore Fitness Expo

Want to see some truly amazing feats of raw strength? Then you’ll want to witness the strength exhibition of Brian Shaw, the world’s #1 strongman. At 6’4″ 440-pounds, the man is a beast when it comes to hoisting the heavy iron. In this summer’s Expo, Shaw will be performing a deadlift of 800 pounds for as many reps as possible. Attendees at the event will be able to guess how many reps they think he will be able to complete. The person(s) with the closest guess will win prizes from MHP and get the opportunity to meet Brian on stage.

For more details about this summer’s Expo, and a complete listing of all the competitors and events go to Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo. Don’t miss the action! It all takes place July 23rd, 2016 in Baltimore, MD.