“Iron” Mike Tyson has been teasing a return to the ring, but it appears it will be a wrestling ring— not boxing.

On the May 27 episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, Tyson had a confrontation with none other than Chris Jericho due to a longstanding beef between the two. Here’s a quick rundown on their history.

Back when Jericho was still in the WWE, he teamed up with Tyson in a tag-team match against Degeneration-X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels). But during the match, Tyson revealed he was team DX and turned on the Fozzy singer, knocking him out with a trademark punch.

Fast forward back to 2020, and Jericho’s still sour about that. He demanded Tyson apologize for his actions, but the legendary boxer was having none of it. He walked to the ring with MMA stars Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, and Rashad Evans in tow and got in Jericho’s face before ripping his shirt off and flexing.

The two got into a shoving match, and it took damn near the entire AEW locker room to separate the two. You can watch the action here.


So this begs the question: is this the return Iron Mike has been teasing all this time? Call us crazy, but this would actually be dynamite.

Tyson’s no stranger to the wrestling ring. Besides the time he clocked Jericho’s lights out, he was also involved in the match between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer for the AEW TNT Championship at Double or Nothing 2020. During the match, Jake “the Snake” Roberts tried to unleash his pet python on Rhodes but a jacked Tyson scared him off.

And most famously, Tyson was the special guest ring enforcer for the main event of WrestleMania 14, in which he counted the 1,2,3 to give Stone Cold Steve Austin the WWF Championship — he then turned on Shawn Michaels, despite pledging his allegiance to him in earlier weeks, knocking the former champion out cold in the middle of the ring.

Plenty of MMA and boxing stars have gone on to scripted fights — Ken Shamrock and Ronda Rousey being the two most famous examples — but Tyson would be the most prolific fighter to become a professional wrestler.

Tyson’s already teased a future showdown with Jericho.

And the wrestler for his part has promised to make the boxer “pay.”

Is a one-on-one match in the cards?