Either Brandon Gibson knows something we don’t, or he’s taking a shot in the dark. Gibson, a Jackson Wink striking coach who has worked with Jon Jones in the past, took to Twitter to share his prediction concerning a future title fight for Jones.

This matchup would have UFC fans’ mouths watering if it weren’t for a few caveats—one being the fact that Jones still hasn’t been handed a punishment for his last positive test for Turinabol. The hearing was originally set for December, but it was pushed back. So Gibson hasn’t just predicted a next opponent, but also an early comeback for Jones.

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The next roadblock is the fact that the 38-year-old Daniel Cormier, the current UFC light heavyweight champ, would have to successfully step up a weight class and win the heavyweight belt from Stipe Miocic at UFC 226. Cormier is the underdog going into the superfight with Miocic, who’s on a seven-fight winning streak.

If Cormier does snag the heavyweight title and a Jones bout were to follow, it would also be his third fight of the year, and he hasn’t fought three times in one year since 2015. 

Cormier has also set a hard retirement date for March 20, 2019, which limits the window for a potential Cormier vs. Jones faceoff.

But even if all of those things align, UFC President Dana White would have to actually make the fight, and he’s made it very clear how disappointed he’s been in Jones’ career in the past. 

So despite the bold prediction that Gibson offered via Twitter, it’s going to take a few pretty unlikely things falling into place to make this dream fight come true.

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