While most celebrities and athletes aren’t picky when it comes to the gender of those who support them, MMA fighter Rampage Jackson admits he can do without the swarm of males cheering him on. In a recent TMZ video where Jackson begins talking about his upcoming fight with King Mo at Bellator 175, he unexpectedly veers into some murky waters by completely dissing the majority of his fans.

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The outspoken Jackson said “he’s just keeping it real” when it comes to the gender of most fight fans. “Who wants to be famous with a bunch of dudes? It’s the most annoying thing ever. I would rather be famous like someone like Chris Brown or Justin Bieber and have a bunch of chicks that dig you. Not a bunch of dudes!”

Perhaps he should have thought about that before getting into a sport that tops the charts when it comes to its high-testosterone fan base. But if it’s the ladies attention he truly desires, he can always sign up for the next Dancing With The Stars, like another great MMA fighter. If not the dance floor, Jackson can continue to flex his acting chops to appeal to the women of the world. “Can he even act?” you ask. Why not judge for yourself after viewing the clip below from the 2008 horror flick, The Midnight Meat Train