Reports: Zolani Tete Viciously Smashes Opponent and Breaks Record for Fastest World Title Fight in 11 Seconds

According to 'Vanguard,' this 11-second KO is officially in the record books as the speediest end to a world title fight.

Traditionally, boxing's popularity has fallen on the broad shoulders of heavyweights like Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali, and Evander Holyfield. The goliath battles were epic to watch and often ended in vicious KOs. But that wasn’t the case on Saturday, when Zolani Tete took down Siboniso Gonya.

Tete, the WBO bantamweight champ, defended his belt with a ferocious KO 11 seconds into the match against Gonya. Vanguard reported that this was the fastest world title fight KO in history. The punch that ended the match was the first and last thrown by either fighter. Not only did Tete floor Gonya, but he was clearly unconscious. 

The previous record holder was WBO super bantamweight champion Daniel Jimenez, who ended Harald Geier in 17 seconds back in 1994.

Tete’s knockout power has been on full display throughout his career, and he's on a 10-fight winning streak after Saturday, improving his record to 26-3 with 21 KOs. 

Moral of the story: protect your jaw. 

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