Three was definitely the lucky number for Rich Froning on this last day of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Going into the final day with a narrow lead over rival Jason Khalipa, Froning surged ahead with a first place finish in the Sprint Chipper event, and never looked back.

From there Froning went on to dominate the field in the days final two events as well – The Cinco 1 & 2, where you really have to be some kind of machine to get to the finish line. These two punishing events incorporated a barrage of deadlifts, weighted pistols, handstand walks, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and an overhead barbell lunge for a body crushing 90-feet. While some in the field struggled to complete the event in the alloted time, Froning made it seem effortless. 

Clearly it was Froning’s day. Three first place finishes for a CrossFit Games 3-peat. An impressive feat, even for the reigning fittest man on earth. When asked at the post games press conference what’s next, Froning promised more of the same, and even mulled the idea of participating on a team next year. And with the way he’s going, he might be able to win that on his own.  

Here’s the breakdown of the individual men’s results for Sunday’s events, along with the final overall men’s standings and point totals. 

Sprint Chipper

1st:  Rich Froning
2nd: Dan Bailey
3rd: ZA Anderson

The Cinco 1

1st: Rich Froning 
2nd Ben Smith
3rd: Scott Panchik

The Cinco 2

1st: Rich Froning
2nd: Josh Bridges
3rd: Jason Khalipa

Final Overall Men’s Standings (Top 5)

1st: Rich Froning – 962 pts.
2nd: Jason Khalipa – 890 pts. 
3rd: Ben Smith –  802 pts.
4th: Scott Panchik – 770 pts
5th: Garret Fisher – 765 pts.

To see the complete overall standings for individual men, individual women, and teams, check out the official 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Leaderboard

Men’s Fitness caught up with Rich Froning during Day 2 of the Games to talk about his training: