Former New England Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski is staying fit in retirement, but he appears to be having the time of his life while doing it. In a recent Instagram post that ended up on Barstool Sports, Gronk is dancing it out in the middle of a group fitness class. 

Plenty of famous athletes find different, sometimes unique ways to stay in shape when they retire. Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates took up yoga and Pilates, baseball icon Alex Rodriguez has taken up boxing, and The Rock became the world’s biggest gym rat, sometimes literally, when he stepped away from the WWE. And then there’s Gronk, who’s doing… well, we’re not sure.

Take a look for yourself, and see if you can tell what the hell this is:

There are a few things we know for sure. One, post-retirement Gronk is clearly enjoying life. And two, the three-time Super Bowl champ is definitely the biggest person in that class. He also seems to be the most enthusiastic about … whatever is going on here.

Gronk is known for being a party animal, but he’s also a beast in the gym. Perhaps now that he doesn’t have to deal with 300+-pound men trying to tackle him, his workouts can be a little less intense.

These classes aren’t the only thing taking up his time these days. He recently announced that he’s partnering with Canadian cannabinoid company Abacus Health Products on a line of all natural, fitness recovery CBD products and is advocating for CBD to be used by NFL players. Right now, the NFL and most other major sports leagues prohibit the use of CBD by active players. “You can just call me Mr. Recovery,” Gronk said at a press conference, according to reports. “You know you like that name. Mr. Recovery, baby.”

He told reporters that he personally used CBD after his retirement in March to help him deal with pain from his time on the field and multiple surgeries.