No matter where The Rock happens to be in the world, he still finds time to locate a gym and crank out a workout. Dwayne Johnson is in China this week to promote the release of Hercules there, but that didn’t deter him from hitting the gym and getting this set of 315 lb. barbell rows in. In the run-up to the U.S. release of the movie earlier this year, The Rock posted the grueling workouts he followed before and during filming to get into shape for the lead role. As part of the #TeamHercules program, he posted his back workout, chest workout, arms workout, shoulder workout, and legs and calves workout.

Though the shoot has long wrapped and The Rock has moved on to new projects (he confirmed his participation in the movie version of Baywatch last week) the man is still in the gym working to stay in super shape. Check out his video from China: