You don’t often hear the word classy being used when describing new UFC featherweight champ, Conor McGregor, but that’s just how The Rock described the Irishman’s response to his championship fight this past weekend in Las Vegas.

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Here’s what Johnson had to say about The Nororious on his Instagram page. “One of the classiest messages and show of respect for his opponent I’ve seen from a champion. Congrat @thenotoriousmma. You’re on your way to becomming an icon. #Respect…” Meaningful words coming from Johnson who garners a tremendous amount of respect himself, and not what most would expect when talking about a man known for his lack of humility. 

However, as you’ll read in the post below, McGregor was surprisingly humble and respectful to his fallen opponent and those who stood in his corner. Will that be enough to change some minds about the champ, and lessen the number of haters? Probably not, but it’s a start.