The Rock Names His 150-Pound Dumbbells After Kevin Hart

The star took to Instagram to share the nickname he gave to his weights.

We're doing that manly thing again today that involves focus, sweat, intensity, well timed artistic cussing and callouses. Middle finger salute of gratitude to my boy @gunnarfitness for bringing in my 145lb & 150lb dumbbells for me to throw around... also, affectionately known as my Kevin Harts. #HumbleHungry #HardestWorkersInTheRoom

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Dwayne Johnson's Instagram is full of photos of his workouts and his famous sense of humor. Yesterday, he shared his "middle finger salute of gratitude" to trainer Gunnar Peterson as well as the affectionate nickname he's given his 145 and 150-pound dumbbells—his Kevin Harts.

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