Every month Dwayne Johnson holds a Q&A on his YouTube channel where he answers questions from the fans and it usually ends up in a funny story or comment we didn’t expect. Last month he told us what he thought about his upcoming role as Black Adam.

Today however, he revealed that both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H were guys that he loved to compete against in the WWE.

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He also gave a warning to the guy who attempts to date his daughter Simone, and it wasn’t an inviting one.

Outside of this Q&A, Johnson revealed some information about his upcoming movie Jumanji.

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In this post he said that a trailer for Jumanji will be releasing at CinemaCon, which takes place in Las Vegas between March 27 and March 30.

The cast for the film includes Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillian in addition to Johnson. The Jake Kasdan directed film is scheduled for a December 22 release date later this year.