Of course fans of The Rock love seeing his latest muscle-pumping, workouts at the gym or action packed stunts on the big screen, but we also love the guy’s big heart. And once again, Johnson put it on display for all to see during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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During his segment, Johnson told Fallon how much he would love to give back to a military family, and it just so happened that one member of a military family was on the staff of The Tonight Show. Her name is Karina Kabalan, and she was about to receive the shock of her life, as Johnson and Fallon found her in the studio control room to give her the surprising news. 

“I heard that you met your husband when you were both deployed in Iraq. Your husband’s name is Todd. And he’s a master sergeant in the U.S. air force, Johnson said. “You’ve been apart for the past year and a half because he’s five thousand miles away. We wanted to bring him home for the holidays.” See the stunned reaction when Johnson tells her to turn around.