When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t filming a movie, chances are you’ll find him lifting some serious iron at the nearest gym. And when he is filming a movie, chances are just as good he’ll be doing the exact same thing. That’s because the always-jacked actor takes his workout equipment with him to every movie set. 

And we’re not talking just a few dumbbells and kettlebells, here. We’re talking a fully loaded gym with all the tools required to satisfy “The Rock’s” passion for weightlifting. That translates to a whole lot of workout equipment—more than 40,000lbs of it.

Dwayne Johnson Outside of the Gym

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Fortunately, “The People’s Champion” has a committed crew that ensures the traveling gym is all set up when Johnson is ready to bang out that first set at 5 a.m. every morning. In the video below, Johnson shows his appreciation for those who help make his on-location workouts possible, thanking them for setting up his Iron Paradise of “twisted steel, sex appeal, and heartache.”

As you can see, the massive tented gym comes fully equipped with rows of workout machines to keep Johnson chiseled from all angles. “It’s my anchor,” the action star admits. “Plus traveling in a gym like this eliminates all the bullshit excuses not to get the job done and get to work.”

Speaking of getting the job done, Johnson is in Vancouver wrapping up his latest action flick, Skyscraper. His next project will take him (and his gym) to Hawaii to shoot Jungle Cruise