Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen Creed II, certain plot details will be discussed.

The Micheal B. Jordan-led Creed II was already jam-packed with three full fights, but apparently a fourth fight was left on the cutting room floor. According to Sylvester Stallone, the extra fight between him and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) was supposed to take place at the hospital after Drago Jr. (Florian Munteanu) defeated Creed. Drago, his father and the trainer were heading to add insult to injury, and of course Rocky wasn’t going to let that happen. In the clip below, he goes further into detail about the possibility.

The scene was ultimately cut by director Steven Cable Jr., who replaced Ryan Coogler, the director of the first Creed. This decision could have possibly stemmed from Cable Jr. wanting to focus more on Creed, a bad scene, or simply to save time for a movie that’s already 130 minutes long.

As a viewer who’s seen the movie a pair of times, I think it plays fine without the additional fight scene. When the scene would’ve occurred, it’s already a rock bottom for Creed and the audience in general so that may have been a bit too much drama within a short span. However, as a Rocky fan, it would’ve been nice to see what Rocky and Drago still had left in the tank.

The film made more than $200 million worldwide, so fans didn’t seem too upset with missing out on Rocky fighting. But don’t worry, because we will for sure be seeing Sly throw-down in the upcoming Rambo 5.

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