Ron Mathews Wins CrossFit Games Masters' Division

The M&F contributor is the new champ after an amazing performance.

Ron Mathews Wins CrossFit Games Masters' Division

Avid CrossFit competitor, Ron Mathews has always performed well in the CrossFit Games, as few could match his dedication and work ethic for being mentally and physically prepared for the annual event's extreme challenges. 

At 46, Ron is the epitome of muscle and fitness. And all his hard work in and out of the gym has paid off once again -- this time with a first place finish at the 2016 CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

With top athletes from all over the world competing on the big stage, Mathews fought his way to the top spot in the 45-49 Masters' division. These are truly the best of the best when it comes to CrossFit performance, and the highly competitive Mathews now stands at the top of this elite group. It's rare to see those over the age of 40 competing at such a high level, but as demonstrated once again by Mathews, it is possible if you're willing to put in the hard work at the gym.

The drive to succeed combined with his commitment to training is what keeps Mathews in such great shape. It's also what keeps his clients at Reebok CrossFit LAB coming back. Aside from being the new CrossFit champ, Mathews has been one of the nation's top personal trainers for the last decade, and has helped physically transform a variety of well known celebrities, including Joe Manganiello, and Hugh Jackman.

Early on, Mathews admits he was humbled by his initial CrossFit workout, but rather than throw in the towel he immersed himself into the CrossFit culture and refused to quit no matter how brutal each workout was, and the toll it took on his body. Today, Mathews has a more complete level of fitness that goes beyond aesthetics. Check out the 46-year-old in action at this past weekend's CrossFit Games.