Ronda Rousey has done everything in her power to show the world that although she’s signed with the WWE, the world’s biggest sports entertainment powerhouse definitely doesn’t own her. In the weeks since her first appearance at the Royal Rumble, she’s already taken some bold actions against Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon and WWE executive vice president Triple H. On the March 5 installment of Monday Night Raw, it was decided that Rousey’s first match in the WWE would be a mixed tag match: Rousey and Angle against Triple H and McMahon. It was a bold decision by Rousey and Angle, but this match has been weeks in the making.

Raw general manager Kurt Angle lit the flame when he told Rousey that McMahon and Triple H only signed her as payback for humiliating them at WrestleMania 31, and that she’d been referred to as a “has-been.” The physical drama began when Rousey sent Triple H through a table at the Elimination Chamber, shocking both the crowd and McMahon, who responded with a swift slap to Rousey’s face. At Monday Night Raw just one day later, McMahon defended her actions, saying she had to “remind [Rousey] of the hierarchy in WWE.” McMahon had Angle apologize for causing the drama and lying to Rousey—a mistake he insisted he made due to exhaustion from fighting pneumonia. But Rousey still demanded an apology for the “disrespectful” slap to the face from McMahon. McMahon dramatically apologized, but Triple H responded by sicker punching Angle.

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Rousey stirred the pot at an opportune time, as WrestleMania is just around the corner. At the most recent Monday Night Raw, Rousey requested to take on McMahon at WrestleMania—a request that McMahon and Triple H resisted, stating that McMahon is a company executive, not a current superstar. Angle pointed out the fact that both McMahon and Triple H have dual contracts and are still technically eligible to hit the squared circle. Then he took it up a notch, demanding that both McMahon and Triple H square off against him and Rousey in a mixed tag match at WrestleMania 34.

Check out the wild encounter in the video below.

Considering the ink on her contract is barely dry, you’d think Rousey, who has carried her “Rowdy” moniker from the UFC over to the WWE, would take it easy on the commissioners—but she’s already living up to her name.

The 34th annual WrestleMania is set for Sunday, April 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Catch it live on the WWE Network.

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