Yeah, it’s fun to watch the fists fly and bones crunch during these epic fight scenes between some of the biggest, bad-asses in the biz, but it’s also pretty interesting to crunch the numbers relating to the science that takes place during all that physical confrontation. 

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In this legendary, Furious 7 fight scene between Hobbs (The Rock) and Shaw (Jason Statham), we get a numbers breakdown as the stars attempt to break each other’s body parts in an all out office brawl. This Action Science video presented by Dwayne Johnson’s, Seven Bucks Productions, touches upon cool, sciency stuff like just how much force is used to send a grown man through a plate glass window or how many Gs of acceleration one experiences when getting ‘Rock Bottomed’.  

It’s all fascinating info that fans of math and science will especially appreciate. Still apprehensive about all the calculations? Perhaps these words from The Rock’s YouTube page will inspire you to get onboard with the numbers. “If your teachers couldn’t convince you math was cool, Hobbs and Shaw beating the crap out of each other in Furious 7 will!”

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