Scott Adkins Flick 'The Debt Collector' Unveils First Movie Poster

Fans of the action star's films get an initial taste of the upcoming thriller.

For those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next Scott Adkins action flick, this recently released poster for his upcoming movie The Debt Collector should give them something to get excited about. 

With martial arts star Adkins as the leading man and Savage Dog director Jesse V. Johnson behind the lens, the film promises to be a high-octane slugfest that leaves plenty of blood and bodies in its wake. 

No official trailer has been released as of yet, but in case you need to know more now, here's the film's synopsis. A classically trained martial artist (Adkins) goes to work as a debt collector for the mob. The job seems easy enough, until one "client" pulls him into a situation deeper than could ever be expected.

How it all plays out is anyone's guess at this point, but with the tagline “Violence first. Questions later.” you can bet the ass-kickings will be brutal and frequent. 

The Debt Collector is slated for release sometime this year.