Steeler's Strongman James Harrison is Not Stopping Ahead of Wild Card Weekend

14 seasons in and this NFL vet is not slowing down. Watch his teammates cheer him on in the weight room.

James Harrison and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be hosting the Miami Dolphins this weekend, and the starting linebacker looks ready for the challenge. Not only is he tearing down the weight room, but this time his teammates are thoroughly impressed by what they are seeing. Just a reminder, these are professional athletes who are cheering him on as he is showing off his dynamic lower-body explosion. 

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Last time we saw Harrison he not so kindly explained that he wears a full sweatsuit to not discourage other people from coming to the gym, but that didn’t stop his teammate from joining in on the action. 

wait for it!

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Overall the Steelers weight room seems to be a pivotal part of the team’s chemistry and might have something to do with their 11-5 record. The Steelers will be back in action on Sunday for the first round of the playoffs.