Ready to change a life? Then step up and take the challenge!

As a true M&Fer, taking on new and demanding fitness regemins is something you live for every day. It’s what drives you to keep getting better through all stages of your physical journey. Now you can put your passion for fitness to even greater use by participating in a challenge for charity unlike any other. One that will motivate you to push yourself harder and further than ever before.

What It Is

It’s called the Circuit Challenge for Charity (C3 Challenge), and its mission is to create awareness and support for HYLETE nation charities, while engaging and growing the HYLETE community with a free, fun-spirited challenge to inspire a lifestyle of functional fitness. 

How It Works:

Beginning Friday, April 8, each challenge will be posted at in the form of a short explanatory video that will fully explain the circuit challenge requirements, stations, tips, etc. Each subsequent challenge will be available the following Friday for a total of 4 challenge workouts.

Getting Started

Signing up and participation is FREE. In addition, the first 5,000 people who sign up will receive a $25 promo code for use on (good for purchases of $50 or more).

Be sure to follow for all the latest updates on the C3 Challenge. And to track the progress of a participating Muscle & Fitness editor, keep following us here at M&

Participating Charities

Click on any of the Hylete charities below to learn more about their mission and goals.

31 Heroes   Back on My Feet   Operation Underground Railroad   Scratch My Belly   National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


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