Any football fan can see that players at all levels continue to get bigger and stronger with each passing year. It’s to be expected as nutritional and strength programs become more advanced. And while it’s evident the athletes on the field are pushing more weight in their training facilities, no one can compare to 18-year-old, Joseph Peña’s size and strength. showed us just how big and strong Peña was from an early age. 

Now at 6′ 340 lb., the high school senior continues to impress the most hardcore powerlifters with his incredible feats of strength. Just a few months ago at the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, Texas, Peña broke the junior and sub-junior world record with an 805-pound raw squat. Check out the jaw-dropping lift below. 

Bill Kazmaier, winner of three World’s Strongest Man titles back in the early 80s had this to say about the young powerlifter after his record breaking squat. “He’s got a vision. He’s following his path. What a great thing for us to be around, to enjoy.”

While the determined lifter’s accomplishments in the powerlifting world have resulted in a bevvy of accolades, it’s college football that Peña has his sights on. Since his freshman year in high school, the big man has been a monster on the field, playing for the varsity team as an offensive lineman. According to, college football scouts are chomping at the bit to sign the young man blessed with an amazing combination of size, strength, and quickness. What running back wouldn’t be thrilled to have Joseph Peña clear a path for him.

Check out the highlight reel below from Peña’s junior season (43 seconds into vid).

Protecting the QB and clearing paths come natural to the skilled OL, but others may want him to take his talents to the other side of the line. “They want to see more, see me play different positions,” he says of FBS schools, including Rice and Texas, whose camps he attended this summer. “Texas wanted to see me on defense, and most D1 schools have said the same thing.” Whatever side of the field he ends up playing on, we have no doubt he’ll be dominating!

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