It’s one thing to pass gas on the football field, or even in the locker room, but to release an array of air biscuits on the set of DWTS…well that’s just unacceptable.

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Not so for Superbowl MVP, Von Miller who seems to have a rich history of rectal turbulence. Things got so bad during his day job with the Denver Broncos that Miller admitted to be the most frequent offender in the organization. The punishment resulted in some hefty fart taxes that left the star LB a little lighter in the wallet.

Sadly for Miller, his fog slicer was not to be silenced once leaving the gridiron. Apparently, the death breath that cost him hundreds in fines in Denver has followed him to his new job as a Dancing with the Stars contestant. Clearly the cast can’t be thrilled with the aroma that Miller wafts on the set, no one more so than his dancing partner, Witney Carson McAllister.

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With no other options, McAllister was forced to employ the same taxing measure on Miller’s one-man jazz band. That’s right, the Bronco is once again being fined $100 per fart. Is the penalty for unsportsman like conduct on the dance floor working? According to recent reports, the answer is no, no it’s not.

Here’s what the NFL/Broncos beat writer for The Denver Post had to say about the dust up.